Our top cinema picks!


It’s Academy Awards season, and naturally, the cinemas are chocka with new movies. This summer, the movies have been awesome – luckily, as the weather outside has, well, not. So, unlike this supposed “summer”, the cinemas are consistent: full of great films and yummy snacks that won’t disappoint.

But then there’s the decision – which one of these brilliant movies should I see? Hmm. Well, we’ve got you sorted!

  • If you’re seeing the movie with your kids: Ballerina, Monster Trucks
  • If you’re seeing the movie with your friends or partner: Collateral Beauty, Hidden Figures, Lion, Resident Evil, xXx The Return of Xander Cage, Pork Pie, The Great Wall, Patriot Day.

Plus Fifty Shades Darker comes out on Valentine’s Day… reow!

Happy viewing at HOYTS Sylvia Park!

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