Father’s Day gift ideas and your chance to win!

Dad. Possibly the hardest person to buy gifts for, and with Father’s Day right around the corner (September 3!) we thought we’d give you a helping hand!


Although we love celebrating our dads, father figures, grandpas and mums who also play the role of dad every day of the year, Father’s Day usually requires getting Dad a gift. And we feel you, it’s not easy.


To start with, it’s sometimes easier to cross ideas off the list first. For example… I’ll be brief. Buying your dad undies is a weird thing to do. Like, while I can imagine my Dad in a swish new tie or shirt while gift brainstorming, I don’t want to imagine him in undies. So undies get a swift line through the middle.


Ties are a bit of a boring present though, am I right? Ties.


And while socks are an awesome present while they last, or until they get kidnapped by the sock monster (RIP to all lone socks out there) you can only get Dad so many each year without it all getting a bit boring as well. Socks.


With those out of the way, here are my favourite picks for Dad this year – you can find them all under one roof at ya favourite, Sylvia Park! Convenient.

Hair's to you, Dad!

Rugged bearded dad? Smooth shaved dad? Whatever type of dad you have, a men’s grooming kit’s never a bad call for Father’s Day, plus it’s not something that he’ll normally splurge on for himself. Make it a double win – this is also a gift for Mum/Grandma, because as well as looking nicer, he’ll also smell nicer. Top it off with some cologne and Dad will be as dapper and sweet-smelling as they come.

1. Remington grooming kit from Shaver Shop | 2. Diesel “Only the Brave” cologne from Life Pharmacy

Off the couch and on the road!

If your dad’s the running/exercising/gym type, then look no further for his dream gift. He might not even know it yet, but Fitbits have been all the rage in the past couple of years, and dads all over the world have made their runs the better for it. If your dad doesn’t have one yet, then there’s this gaping hole you just have to fill. They’re pretty sleek and trendy, can connect to his mobile phone and can track his daily step count.  I particularly dig this manly man one from Noel Leeming. If Dad’s idea of a better day spent (I feel ya, Dad!) is a good book on the couch, then this tablet is a sure-fire way to get in the good books (dad joke, anyone?)

1. Fitbit charge 2 | 2. Amazon Paperweight Kindle – both from Noel Leeming

Hi hungry, I'm Dad!

That old chestnut…

Legend has it that all dads love food. Dad’s angry? Give him food. A remarkable solution. Worked every time for me when I was a kid. Anyway, enough about my dad – we’re talking about yours! Whether your dad’s a pizza fan, or dives into cheeseplates on the regular, there’s something to be found for every foodie. I’m particularly digging this pizza maker and stone set from Stevens – especially because I’d get to use them too! You also cannot go pasta good pasta maker , which you can also find at Stevens …

1. Lollipop pizza maker | 2. Pizza stone set – both from Stevens

Speaking of food...

Have you considered taking Dad out for brunch or dinner? It sounds cliché and maybe a little cheesy, but the best thing you could probably give your dad is your time. Sharing a meal is the best way to bond, especially if the food is delicious!

We reckon Dad will particularly like Theobroma Chocolate Lounge for brunch. Pancakes are our go-to, served stacked and piled high with their signature melted chocolate, maple syrup, ice cream and banana if Dad’s a sweet-tooth, otherwise Columbus is a great choice. Surely Dad will love a good old Kiwi staple – sweetcorn fritters with bacon and zesty salsa, or the Columbus breakfast with all the trimmings.

Our top gift pick for Dad and your chance to WIN it!

Our delightful LUSH releases special occasion gift packs, perfectly paired and beautifully wrapped, and the Father’s Day offerings are no exception! Filled with clean, zesty and lad-ish scents, we reckon these are some of the most gorgeous gifts you could get for Dad, so we’ve got ALL THREE to give away! All you have to do is choose your favourite gift set (select ONE only) fill in your details below to get in the draw.


This competition commences on Tuesday 22 August 2017 at midnight and closes Thursday 31 August 2017 at midnight Our standard terms and conditions apply and can be found here. 

1. “WILD” gift set – Refresher shower jelly and Fun | 2. “DIRTY” gift set – Dirty shower cream, Dirty bodywash, Dirty shaving cream and Dirty body spray | 3.”Fresh & Fancy” – The Olive Branch shower gel, Kalamazoo beard and facial wash and bath bomb. 

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